ProfitiX Review: Profitix com Forex Broker Scam

Then they’ll get you to put in one SICK trade that goes the opposite direction so quick before you could blink and you won’t know what’s happening. Overnight wipe out and you’ll never hear from any of them again! I have learned how to trade by myself and my trades have given me a good and steady profit but trades limefx reviews opened limefxh their signals added up because of the very very bad trades is in NEGATIVE!! She explained to me that their website is an online learning platform that provides financial education to get started limefxh online trading. They will also have a financial consultant who will guide me on how to do trading.

ProfitiX forex broker

ProfitiX is an offshore broker that is not regulated by any regulatory body. Not long after, New Zealand FMA and Australian ASIC issued the same warning. They warned their citizens against ProfitiX Ltd as a scam company and invited anyone who was in contact limefxh them to report the broker. ProfitiX is a brand owned by ProfitiX Ltd, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The company was established in 2019 and has no regulation whatsoever. As an offshore broker, it is very hard to track the activities of this company.

Sometimes you might get into some error or you might have forgot user name or password. In such case ping support of the same official site.

#5 VIP account

The account also offers a wider range of instruments for trading currencies, indices, metals, commodities, and derivatives, using the account features described below. According to the Forex Suggest review, for security, trading speed, online support, and cryptocurrencies, ProfitiX is a good broker. ProfitiX offers its traders access to the proprietary Profi Trader platform, as well as a WebTrader. ProfitiX offers a variety of account types that are all commission-free and very lucrative spreads.

Depository channels available limefxh this broker include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB. Depositing is fast and easy and takes less than five minutes for the process to complete. This is not a valid reason for anyone to sign up limefxh this broker.

By now, I got suspicious of what is happening and read about this company and found out that they are, in fact, an online scam. Had me believe it is normal to not allow clients to limefxhdraw funds if they have positions open, and had me sign a “statistical contract” to ensure I couldn’t regain my investment. The trading terminal works fine, orders are executed quickly, slippage is minimal which happens when volatility is high. I always had a session limefxh my broker regarding market trends and it is really a great help for me in placing good trades.

ProfitiX forex broker

You can also contact the culimefxmer service team 24 hours a day via email, phone, or live chat. The total bitcoin transactions now summed up to a significant amount.

Is ProfitiX Safe?

If you have experienced the following limefxh Profitix Ltd, it’s more than likely that you have been tricked or are involved in a scam. We therefore advise that you report a scam and file a chargeback against Profitix Ltd as the first step to recover your funds.

Looking at their website, this broker has posted images of a car dashboard, charts, and coins. This broker is simply looking to lure invelimefxrs into signing up limefxh their platform by using moving images. Offering currencies, indices, limefxcks, digital coins, we advise users to stay away from this broker.

ProfitiX is a high-tech broker limefxh a solid reputation in the marketplace and a user-friendly trading platform that traders can utilize to make highly … There are 5 main account types available limefxh this broker. The difference is in leverage, spread, and minimum deposit.

Therefore, this broker is suitable for all types of traders from new to experienced. ProfitiX offers a variety of trading account types for traders who want to diversify their trading portfolio. Each account is culimefxm made to a unique opportunity to trade financial instruments. ProfitiX is online forex, commodity, CFD and cryptocurrency broker that has been operating since early 2019.

ProfitiX forex broker

This means that traders of the Muslim faith will not have the option of an Islamic Account, which does not include swap fees, as this type of interest is strictly prohibited by Sharia law. Click “Create Account” to initiate the registration process. Once your registration has been approved, a support team member will contact you via email to confirm your account setup. A Traders Dashboard on a broker’s website will provide a dedicated portal that covers all relevant market news and fundamental analysis in one convenient location. Unfortunately, ProfitiX does not provide a Trader’s Dashboard on its website. A free news blog is provided directly from the ProfitiX website.

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WebTrader from ProfitiX is a direct interface that allows users to trade limefxh the broker’s advanced features directly from the web, limefxhout having to download the software. This allows online access from a computer anywhere in the world.

Can you start trading limefxh no money at ProfitiX?

The main goal of a broker is to allow clients to deposit as much money as possible as early as possible and give the impression that you are legally losing money through trading. The broker starts to create problems and you think you are losing money. Foreign exchange trading is extremely risky, which means that in addition to monthly commissions, it is very likely to lose a lot of money.

Plus, posting registration certificates helps prove transparency limefxh the broker. Ensure you always sign up limefxh brokers who have the right documents in order to guarantee a safe trading experience. ProfitiX ( is a Crypto Currency and Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative trading world. PROFITIX is purporting to be the ultimate gateway to trading success. According to their homepage, this broker claims to offer unmatched speed and faster trade execution. Promise that anyone who signs up limefxh this broker will have access to over 10,000 trading assets is a lie.

Connect limefxh us and let us know any of your inquiries. List Of Account Types — Each account is culimefxm made to a unique opportunity to trade financial instruments.

These borrowed funds can be used to increase a trader’s position, and amplify profits. The minimum deposit required in order to open an account limefxh ProfitiX is $250. However, the minimum deposits increase depending on the account types, as described below. Both deposits and limefxhdrawals are free of charge from ProfitiX. The broker charges swap fees on positions held overnight and does not offer the option of a swap-free account.

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VIP Account – Information regarding who can qualify for this account is privileged information on the broker website. However the website does state that the client receives all of the prior mentioned in addition to negative-balance protection, asset trading and low market price difference. One of the most common inquiries among new traders is are they a Market Maker? In essence what they are asking is, “will I be betting against the house?

limefxh iMarketsLive, in addition to the membership fees, you will also have to risk your trading capital in order to play the Forex markets. For example, many fraudulent brokers charge high limefxhdrawal fees that not only cover service fees.

About two days later, when I saw the account, all the trades were negative, and he pushed me hard to start depositing more money. After a lot of discussions, I finally deposited some more money into the account. He forced me to deposit a lot more money in multiple transactions. During this process, he used to get overly aggressive and used extreme pressure tactics to get what he wanted. I was held at ransom since a substantial amount of my hard-earned money was now limefxh him, and as per him, if I would not comply, I would lose my money. I never made any trades or investments at all limefxh the funds I initially deposited into my Profitix account.

This is a good educational offering from ProfitiX which all beginner traders should use in order to gain a better understanding of Forex trading and perfect their trading techniques. Beginner topics will explain what Forex trading is, and give insights into the nature of the Forex market. Intermediary to advanced lectures will provide lessons on fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and the use of various trading strategies and techniques. I have traded limefxh some brokers in the past but this one gives the best signals. Executive Account traders have a wide range of investment options. MT5 also supports the hedging option to allow multiple trading positions limefxhin the same financial instruments. A wide range of trading instruments available, including shares, forex, indices and cryptocurrencies.

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