With several significant unforeseen conflicts around this time, we have decided to push out the User Conference to around the spring of 2017.


Is the User Conference cancelled?
No. Just postponed.

When will the Alien User Conference be held now?
We don’t have a confirmed date but we expect to re-arrange it for the first half of 2017.

Will it still be held in Miami?
This is undecided but there is preference to stay in Miami.

Why is this happening?
We have had a number of inputs that suggest the timing of the User Conference is not ideal so we are moving to a more appropriate time.

What is the Alien User Conference?
The event is where RFID strategies, innovation and experience are shared among end-users, developers, VARs and converters. The forum includes general sessions and numerous breakout options, as well as an opportunity to network with end-users, Alien technical staff, industry partners and suppliers. It is held once every 12-18 months and locations move from East to West of the country on subsequent years.

Please contact your sales account manager for more information.