ALR-F3700 Hydra Series

Interconnected Reader/Antenna Combination with self-healing power and data networking

Hydra is a totally novel UHF Passive RFID Reader solution designed to lower RFID implementation and running costs while enabling the realization of exhaustive read zones. Hydra readers combine a full-power 30dBm UHF reader, 8dBic antenna and a patent pending “Hydra” power and data router technology.


Feature Enabled By Benefit
Lowers Implementation and Running Costs
  • Low-cost read point with integrated antenna
  • Simply connect PoE for data and power
  • Just connect each reader to it’s nearest neighbor minimizing long cable runs.
  • Less up-font cost for capital equipment
  • Smaller cable runs (less cable to purchase)
  • Less cable means less installation costs
Extensible Solution – grows or shrinks with your RFID needs
  • Each reader inputs and outputs both power and data via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to the next reader.
  • Low cost per read point
  • Each reader contains an antenna
  • A poor read zone is addresses by adding another low cost read point and connecting it to its nearest neighbor for both power and data.
  • Allows all desired tags to be irradiated and made visible to at least one read point.
  • Bad read zones can be fixed by “daisy- chaining” another low-cost read point without breaking the Return-on-Investment (ROI) model
  • No long cable runs for added read points
Massively Simplifies Network Connectivity
  • PoE (power and data) in and out
  • ALR-3720 supports two PoE ports for daisy chaining
  • ALR-3733di supports 3 PoE ports for adding more complex topologies for data/power robustness
  • Simple, low cost installation
  • Lowers infrastructure and cable costs
  • Less to maintain
Designed to Work Seamlessly with the ALR-F800-X with Emissary
  • Like all Alien readers, Hydra’s send a self- discovery heart-beat over the network
  • F800-X with Emissary manages a subnet of Hydra readers directly
  • License free Emissary manages the network and describes the work-flow of any alien reader combination
  • No need for a server to control a reader network
  • ALR-F800-X manages the Hydra network configuration and work flows…no programming required.
  • Self healing network re-configuration on a cable failure
  • ALR-3733di enables more complex network topologies
  • Solution can be configured to tolerate certain network failures and automatically reconfigure both power and data (no human intervention required)

These products are covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 7716208, 7716160, 7688206, 7671720, 7659822, 7619531, 7615479, 7598867, 7580378, 7576656, 7562083, 7561221, 7559486, 7559131, 7554451, 7411503, 7385284, 7377445, 7364084, 7353598, 7342490, 7324061, 7321159, 7301458, 7295114, 7288432, 7265675, 7262686, 7215249, 7214569, 7199527, 7193504, 7173528, 7172910, 7172789, 7141176, 7113250, 7101502, 7080444, 7070851, 7068224, 7046328, 6998644, 6988667, 6985361, 6980184, 6970219, 6952157. Other patents pending.

Standard features include:

  • 30dBm EPC Gen 2 Class 1 UHF Passive RFID Reader
  • 8dBic Slimline Antenna
  • Built-in Mulitple-PoE Switch to Network Readers Together
  • “Hydra” Power and Data Routing
  • Low-Cost Reader Installation and Management
  • Works seamlessly with the ALR-F800-X with Emissary


ALR-F3700 Documents
ALR F3700 Series Datasheet (2017 11 09)Download